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Magazines and Catalogs

Print Diversified

With two of the newest heatset web presses in the Pacific Northwest, Lynx provides publishers and catalogers with the best color and registration control technology available in heat-set web printing. These presses provide high-quality publications in quantities from 10,000 in excess of 250,000 with full 8.5 x 11”-sized printing with bleeds. Coupled with 18-folding options for all sizes in-between, closed-loop color controls, and in-line registration, these presses are perfect for high-end magazine, catalog, and direct mail printing.


- - 8.5 x 11" standard, slim jim, tall boy, and digest-sized options

- - 5th unit on press provides option to include flood varnish or spot color

- - closed-loop color control - for consistent control, start-to-finish

- - in-line scanning densitometers - adjusts densities per your press sheet sign-offs

- - in-line registration - digitally monitors and adjusts for registration on the fly

- - sheeter unit - provides additional folding options off-line

- - prints with agri-based inks - an environmentally responsible choice


Complementing our heatset web presses is our full line of sheet fed presses - which allows for printing shorter-run magazines and catalogs. No matter your page configuration, Lynx has a diverse amount of press configurations to suit your printing needs.

Magazines and Catalogs printed at LynxGroup


Our finishing department is complete with numerous saddle stitchers and perfect binders which ensure not only high-speed production of your work, but consistent quality control of your product. We offer in-house; durable, standard binding methods as well as specialty binding options including PUR perfect binding, lay-flat binding, loop-stitching, plastic-coil, and wire-o binding. Having a complete finishing department in-house not only gives us control over the quality of your product, but allows for quick make-readies and shorter production time from our presses to your customers.


Gain Impact

Additional impact and increased response to your projects are possible with inserts, tip-ons, onserts, postal approved poly-bagging and shrink wrap, plus a wide range of personalization options.

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