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Enviromently friendly printing

It IS easy being green

Our commitment to the environment is plain to see - we have been printing with agri-based inks for the past twenty years. We provide water-based, aqueous finish alternatives to varnish and offer FSC® and recycled content house stocks for sheetfed and heat set web printing.


“Lynx recycles over 950 tons of paper and 18 tons of aluminum plates annually.”

The mechanics behind printing is the simple law of nature that oil and water do not mix, but the technology going into making agri-based inks and helping the environment certainly do mix!


At Lynx, we print with agri-based inks throughout our plant - whether your job is printing sheet fed or heat set web. The inks we use are high-performance, low volatile organic compound process color inks are made with environmentally friendly raw materials which provide for: superb dot sharpness and stability, fast set and dry times, excellent rub resistance and "stay-open" ink technology reduces waste.


In addition, Lynx is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified. FSC is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging responsible management of the world's forest resources. We offer FSC-certified paper and print project that contribute toward environmental conservation, forestry stewardship, and community-level benefits for people living near the forests.


Interested in running your next print project FSC-certified? Contact your sales/customer service representative to learn how.

Image by Annie Spratt, paper facts

Did you know?

  • Paper was invented in 105 A.D. by a Chinese court official named Ts'ai Lun?

  • In 2022, Americans recycled nearly 68% of paper and 93% of cardboard.

  • Nearly 50 million tons of paper was recycled in the U.S. in 2022. That nearly equals the amount it would take to fill 120 Empire State Buildings.

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