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Books and Calendars

Print Diversified

Whether you need to have your company’s annual report, fine-art book, workbook, calendar printed or would like to self-publish our own title, Lynx is the print company for you. Based upon the specifications of your project, we will streamline the manufacturing of your project to run efficiently on press and through production - working with you to match your project's every need.



Perfect Bound Books

Historically we have produced documentation printing for the nation’s largest software companies. Hundreds of thousands of manuals have been printed, bound, and shipped by Lynx - sometimes within days of receiving print-ready files. So why have your book printed at one company only to have it shipped elsewhere to be bound, when we can complete the whole process here at Lynx?



“...extraordinary rich production values that the publishers have lavished on this book - 

its wonderful and true color is testimony, once again, that Lynx Group printing of Salem is a truly remarkable, if largely unsung, asset to Oregon culture...” - OHQ vol. 109, no. 4



We offer regular perfect binding, with or without side score and glue, as well as lay-flat binding, saddle stitching, loop-stitching, plastic-coil binding, and wire-o binding.



As a plus, Lynx offers standard 3 and 7-hole drilling for manuals and automotive drilling.

Books and Calendars printed at LynxGroup

PUR binding

Our recently introduced perfect binding process is our PUR (polyurethane resin) binding, which is virtually impervious to temperature extremes, which means your books will stay “good as new” in searing heat or bitter cold extremes - the super-flexible PUR adhesive will not crack or break. The aggressiveness of PUR adhesive makes it ideal for books with heavy ink coverage or flood coatings in the spine area and can be especially beneficial on landscape format books. Another benefit is that PUR-bound books will lay much flatter than standard perfect-bound books. 


Saddle and Loop Stitching

Lynx provides both traditional saddle stitching and loop-stitching for page counts up to 116 pages. Loop stitching gives your book the ability to be held into binders by metal loops on the outside of the stitches. A hardy, durable way to securely hold print collateral in 3-ring binders.



Specialty Binding

We offer in-house plastic-coil and wire-o binding for personal planners, calendars, or workbooks that require the ability to lay flat when opened or fold-back upon themselves. Our in-line plastic extrusion process expedites the typical, long turn around of plastic coil projects by automating the binding process - reducing production time from weeks to days.

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